Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days of Chrsitmas!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've been  MIA for so long, but life happens when you are having fun. And I just couldn't go missing it now could I? ;-)

Happy to be back though! And TOTALLY EXCITED to tell you about
12 days of Christmas!

We are having a huge Build a Kit Collab by the AMAZING Divine Digital Team
All kits off our Color swatch "Hark! The Angels" are only $1 each!!

So head on over and check out all the goodies!

I will also be granting wishes along with a few other designers, 
so fill up those wish lists ladies!!

Hugs and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Christmas!

I'm back!
And joining in Divine Digital's
12 Days of Christmas!

I will be:

Releasing new kits at only $1 each!!

Granting Wishes go fill up your wish lists!

Scavenger Hunt
3 of my BRAND NEW kits will be FREE in the shop!

We are gonna be busy, so come join the fun!
Hugs and Happy Holidays,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's today! It's today!'s FREEBIE THURSDAY!!!

Hello Hello!

I am SO excited about my upcoming releases!
I've got a birthday kit coming, father's day is right around the corner. 
I'm going to be posting like crazy this month!

So just a little reminder, 
if you haven't signed up already...

This is simply the best way to be in the know.
Sign up to get the latest!

And as it is Thursday 
I had to start with a freebie.

It won't be every thursday, but you know me...
I love to give away a good freebie. 
Today I have for you a small little gift of 4 CU heart frames. 
Use them any way you wish!

CU Heart Frames Freebie
by A little Love Designs, Ursula LaForm
- No Credit Required -

I always love to see what you do with my kits,
so please feel free to come post your layouts on my 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deviant Art

Have you heard about Deviant Art?
It's a Fabulous little community of artist, photographers, and just about anything creative...

I have my own little space there if you wanna come by and check it out
Watch me if you want to see my photo-J side coming thru...

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Freebie Thursday's!

Hello Everyone!

Finally some nice weather over here! 
Today was looking a little gloomy at the start, 
but it seems the weather man has come thru 
with an accurate forecast for once. 
lol ;-)

Here's a little post to let you know about my new

The idea is that every 
- and perhaps even a few days in between -
I will release a new kit. 
Could be a Mini kit, Page kit, Full kit or Freebie.
So be sure to sign up for my 
to stay on top of all the goods!

You will receive the latest news, updates, subscriber only sales, 
AND my exclusive Dragon Lady discount coupons!

only my newsletter subscribers will receive my

Ta-ta for now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing Numbers

Hello all!
Just a quick post to give you those numbers I forgot in my FREEBIE 'Stickers' alpha's last month. SO sorry it took me so very long to get these to ya lol but I hope they will still be appreciated.

...and here they are!
click here to download


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love What You Do: CT CALL

Love What You Do: CT CALL: "Girl in Pink Designs is looking for 10-15 New and Experienced Digital Scrapbook Artists to join my team! Requirements: *1-2 layouts per..."

A Little Love Designs new CREATIVE TEAM!

I am so excited to announce
the first members of my

A Little Love Designs
Creative Team
Dragon Ladies

These ladies have agreed to come along for the journey. To join me on the digi path
and learn and grow together.
I am so happy to have them all!

Thank you to all who applied!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I am Divine! Pink Dragons kit! Thank you Google Followers! FREEBIE QP & BLOG HOP!!

Well, it's finally happened. 
I'm officially a digiscrap designer! 

I am SO proud to announce to you today
A Little Love Designs 
(...hehe. That's me!)

I am
Divine Digital
And here is my first kit

 This kit is packed with pink!
With over 70 unique elements, 18 papers - solids & shimmers, 2 alpha's and 7 glitter styles, 
this kit has everything you need to scrap those pretty princess pages in...
What color? PINK! 

Here is a little inspiration from my FABULOUS CT to get your creative juices flowin'.
by Tania

  by Anna (Macfangirl)

by Megan (Ravynfaire)

OKC Guest CT:
by Star (Starlight-Princess)

I'd like to thank a few people this time, 
because I feel like I've come a long way and couldn't have made it with out a little love ;-)

To my #1 biggest digi-fan Ms. Sharon
Thanks for believing in me lady! 
You kept me going when I was ready to throw in the digi-towel. lol ;-) 
You are the best.

To Wendy from Studio Wendyzine @, 
for writing the book that lit the digi-fire under me, 
and Divine Digital for giving me my first storefront. 

Also, Studio Flergs shimmer styles 
and Atomic Cupcake Actions were used to make some elements in this kit.
I love both designers so I had to give a little shout out. 

Last but not least Kristin Aagard, my awesome digi-mentor, 
who always has the time to answer the newbies crazy questions.
(If you don't already know Kristin, RUN over to her blog.)

Thanks so much ladies!

If you signed up to follow my blog before May 27th, 
please take a look in your e-box for a special thank you from me. 
I can't tell you how encouraging it is to slowly but surely see that your efforts are not a wastin' 

I've created this special little element to show my appreciation.
I'm giving this one only to the 18 followers that have been with me from the beginning. 
(Pretty soon I'll have a special gift for my new newsletter subscribers but that's next month ;-))

See, I told ya - limited edition. 

(google has been having problems all morning, please check back if link is not in your box.)


And here is a little QP FREEBIE to start off the


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ENTER to WIN!!! ;-)

Bean Bunny Designs


For a $10 coupon to her store,
can you guess where Alyssa of Studio Demo is guesting next month?
-Go to her facebook page
-Go to the "Discussions" tab
-Leave a comment with your guess in the 
"Guess My Guest Spot" topic!

Good Luck!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kit review: Pretty with Fins collab by Bean Bunny Designs & Studio Demo

Today I have a wonderful little kit for your girlie girl. And as we are going with the family to Disneyland this summer, what better way to start of the season than with a kit that gets the character and the splashing all in one! 
A little princess, a little pool party,
This kit is perfect for your little mermaid!


a collab by

You can find it here at

and here is my page:

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm a Paper Bean! ...creating for Bean Bunny Designs ;=)

I'm sure you've noticed, I've been a little short on the kit reviews lately. 
Well, sometimes a girl gets a little burnt creatively, and needs a little break. Had a break, ready to go again, so here I am now, CT to Bean Bunny Designs, and I'm so excited!

and before I start downloading my first kit, I wanted to do a little advertising.

Looks like she is moving to a new location and of course with every move,
you gotta have a sale...

This awesome and amazing lady is also having a CT CALL!!

...had to let you know in case your looking.

I was so stoked to see that Janet of Bean Bunny designs has an AUTISM awareness kit.
So very near and dear to me-how could I say no right?

Happy shopping everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Stickers' ...2 Alpha Freebies

I'm just not getting enough traffic 
so I thought I'd give away another little freebie.
...and then I thought, why not give away two?

So here you go!


I made a bunch of shimmer polka dot alphas at the same time and only wanted to use two for my 1st kit, so here are the other two. I hope you have fun with them and if you make a LO or two, please feel free to post it in my Divine Digital Exclusive Designer Gallery ;-)

Pretty soon I'll be online at Divine and I'll be giving away ANOTHER freebie on my big day to all GOOGLE followers ...I just love seeing all your smiling faceboxes...

Enjoy the alphas!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am SO excite about the release of my very first kit

I just LOVE dragons...and as usual
dragons go with PINK.

anything goes with pink really,
but for my very first kit, I wanted
to let my creativity fly... to speak.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming soon to...DIVINE DIGITAL!!!

After an entire month in the practice of patience,
I am OVERJOYED to announce... very first design spot!!!

A Little Love Designs
coming soon to:
Just goes to show you what a little love in the right direction 'll get cha. ;-)

I'll be back next week,
with a SNEEK PEEK contest for my first kit!
(and a couple of kit reviews too.)


Getting back in the swing...VIOLA MONI is having a sale! Happy iNSD!! ;-)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are taking advantage of all the 
AWESOME sales going on!

Well, I'm officially back in the swing and trying to get some promotions done for my awesome designers...they have all been so very patient with me this past month while I've been making repairs, so i wanna give them all 
A LOT of LOVE this month. ;-)

Viola Moni is having a

and all her products are 40% OFF May 1-8!!

I love Viola Moni because her style is simple and elegant...
I like to think I too am simple and elegant lol ;-)

...reasons why we are a good fit for each other design-wise ;-)
and if you are of a similar style, 
I hope you will check out her blog here at:

(...pssst! There's a sneek peek! Leave a comment to win!!)

A big
to ViolaMoni on her new design spot!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

My 1st CT Call!

I am so excited to be opening my very first digi store,
so I thought, I'd see if anyone out there 
might like to join me on the journey.

Want to learn and grow with a BRAND NEW designer?


I am having my very first
and I need 10-15 talented ladies
to help me promote, advertise
and just plain get my name

I’d like my CT to be made up of NEW and EXPERIENCED digi scrappers. I hope my forum will be busy not just with my kits but also TUTORIALS so we all become better designers!

I am waaaaay laid back,
totally FUN,
and full of POSITIVITY.

*1-3 LO’s per kit (1-2 kits/mo)
*Post to DST, Divine, DSA and 1 other
*Promote my products on
your BLOG, FB, & Twitter
*Hang out on my CT forum
and have fun!

*full access to all my designs!
*personalized Dragon Lady siggy


Please send an email with...
*your name
*other CT commitments
*a short bio
*links to your blog, FB, galleries
and 3 of your favorite LO’s to:


I'm still here! FREEBIE Alpha!

Hello everyone!
WOW! I have been gone so LONG!

I think I've missed my blog.

as I love a good freebie, 
I'd like to give you a little 
'finally have my computer back online'

One of a pack of five alpha's coming soon,
I hope you like this little alpha freebie!

There's more where that came from!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll be back soon!

Hello from digiland!
Sorry I've been away so long but technical difficulties have been at my doorstep. lol

I'll be back tomorrow with a nice big post and maybe a little freebie or two!

Lots o love,
Ursula LaForm

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

In need of opinions...

I am trying out new headers... 

which one do you prefer?
I'll be back with more decor in a bit...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did you miss me? KIT REVIEWS and FREEBIES for everyone!!! :-)

Hello Hello!
I hope you are all doing well. 

I know I haven't blogged in a while,
so I wanted to give you a post 
PACKED with goodies today!

Here it goes.


Cheeky Chickies
by Shien designs

Thoughts on Cheeky Chickies:
OMGosh! This kit is PACKED with all the goodies 
EVERY cheeky chick needs for an all out 
Easter scrap-fest! I'm lovin' those papers. So SWEET!

available at:

my pages:

I thought you might like this second cheeky chickie LO...

OF COURSE I had to make you a little 
FREEBIE QP to go along!
(link at end of post)


Another AMAZING kit from
Papillon Crea!

Purple Beauté
available at: Wilma4ever & Scrap-Wishes

Yes. Purple is definitely my color.


...and last, but DEFINITLY not least
Pink Glamour
by Kittyscrap
available at:

Kind of has a little 50's retro vibe going.
Love the car, love the shoes...LOVE the TUTU!!


...and here is a little FREEBIE available on Titascrap's BLOG

Here is my QP for the cheeky chicks ;-)
click here to download freebie QP


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My 1st Blinkie!

Check out my 1st Blinkie!!

Please feel free to add it to your Siggy's where allowed!

Of course, I'll be back with a better one next week :-)


Ursula LaForm

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Clochette mini kit & Noe's Pets, clusters, and full pack saison

by Mariscrap

available at:


Noe's Pets 
AND Saisons full pack
by DHL


and also available today
full pack saison
All kits available at Digi Boutique

Well, that's all for now ;-)
Check back on Monday for my special surprise!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fairy Easter by Kittyscrap

Looking for a soft spring kit?

Fairy Easter
by Kittyscrap
available today at:


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BIG news. HUGE news...I am SO excited! ;-)

I've got NEWS!!! I am so excited to tell you today... 

...It looks like I'm going to be having a GRAND OPENING pretty soon!! 

YEP. That's right. 
I've been accepted as a designer at... hehe. It's a SURPRISE!! ;-) 

And you don't wanna miss my OPENING digi kit BUNDLE!
Limited Edition.
That's all I'm gonna say.

Stay tuned /-)

Wonderland My Way by Azurscrap

Wonderland My Way
by Azurscrap

available at